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An industrial plastic PTFE, consists of a long and linear carbon chain saturated with fluorine atoms. Due to the very strong chemical bonds between carbon and fluorine atoms in the molecular structure, it has outstanding properties not found in any plastic.

Operating temperature of PTFE; It is between -260 ° C and + 260 ° C. It has high resistance to all chemicals, moisture and all kinds of environmental conditions. It has the lowest static and dynamic coefficient of friction, superior electrical insulation, non-sticking and non-combustibility of all solids. In addition to all these superior properties, the mechanical properties are superior to PTFE.

In order to increase the resistance of PTFE to wear and deformation under load, to decrease the thermal expansion coefficient, to provide thermal and electrical conductivity to the product. PTFE Alloys are produced by adding various fillers as glass fiber, carbon, bronze, molybdenum disulfide according to need.

Virgin PTFE

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Carbon Filled PTFE

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